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Acts,Rules and Notification

Sr. RTE Resolution Detail Circular Date Download
1 RTE Gujarat GR 04/04/2018 04/04/2018 Download
2 Providing Free Transport Facility to Children in Elementary Schools. 23/06/2014 Download
3 Duties to be performed and Code of conduct to be observed By the teachers / Vidya Sahayaks And the Head Teachers in Primary Schools. 07/02/2014 Download
4 Admission to weaker and disadvantaged group children in primary school (pilot project) 23/05/2013 Download
5 RTE Gujarat GR 22/05/2013 Download
6 Notification to amended the Gujarat RTE Rules 2012 22/05/2013 Download
7 RTE Act-2009 Declaration of Grievance Redressal mechanism under the Local Authorities 30/04/2013 Download
8 Formation of State Advisory Council 21/03/2013 Download
9 The Appointment of members for Gujarat SCPCR 21/02/2013 Download
10 RTE Act -2009 to be declared under the Local Authorities 01/02/2013 Download
11 SCPCR Gujarat State in Formed 28/09/2012 Download
12 Gujarat RTE Rules 2012 18/02/2012 Download
13 Eligibility Test of Head Teachers in Elementary Schools 18/01/2012 Download
14 Change in Structure and Functions of SMC at School level 04/11/2011 Download
15 Formation of School Management Committee (Amendment) 02/08/2011 Download
16 Eligibility test for Primary Teachers (Amendment) 14/07/2011 Download
17 Recruitment of Vidhyasahayak in Primary School / Upper Primary School managed by District Education Committees / Nagar Primary Education Committees 14/07/2011 Download
18 GCERT as an Academic Authority for the purposes of the said Act 14/07/2011 Download
19 Regarding deciding policy of merger of Primary Schools 09/05/2011 Download
20 Teacher Eligibility Test for Primary Teachers 27/04/2011 Download
21 Appointment of Vidha Sahayaks in primary schools managed by District Education Committees / Municipal School Boards 27/04/2011 Download
22 Starting std - 8 in Primary Schools for Academic year June 2011-12 07/04/2011 Download
23 Formation of School Management Committee at Scholl level 18/02/2011 Download
24 Ban on Test or Examination or Interview at Admission in Primary School 18/02/2011 Download
25 Ban on private tuition by Primary Teachers 18/02/2011 Download
26 Prescribing Instructional hours during the academic year 18/02/2011 Download
27 Ban on Charging Capitation Fees in Primary Schools 18/02/2011 Download
28 Ban on holding back children in same standard or excluding from school 18/02/2011 Download
29 Ban on physical punishment or mental torture to children in primary schools 18/02/2011 Download
30 Regarding Revision of Student-Teacher norms in Primary School 03/06/2010 Download
31 Recruitment of Vidhyasahayak in Primary Schools 15/04/2010 Download
32 RTE Act 2009 16/02/2010 Download